Is this too much for Antonio Brown?

Would you trade Davante Adams, Ertz & Lindsay for Antonio Brown, Seals-Jones & Chubb in a standard league?

My only other RBs are Kamara, Kerryon, Clement & Ekeler. Also, my WRs are Baldwin, Lockett, Robby Andersen & Mike Williams.

If the person trading AB says yes then 100% do this!!

Feel like that would be a steal for AB. Take that 100% if you can get it

Disagree. That’s too much. Chubb and Jones are waiver wire guys. Lindsay might end up being useless too but I’d much prefer him to Chubb right now, and the downgrade from Ertz to Jones is just humongous. Adams is still a very good wr. I’d stand pat.

I appreciate the replies, but you guys have me torn! Haha.

Basically your looking at ertz and Adams for ab. I’d probably pull the trigger .

That’s quite a haul def do that

like stated above, Id do it as AB is one of a kind. Davante could be slowed down as long as Rogers isnt 100 and who knows, Allison and Cobb could actually take some targets away

AB is unique. Big Ben was shocking in terrible conditions which limited what brown could do but still got decent score. Adams if Rodgers goes down and ertz without wentz can’t offer you that.

I totally disagree with that statement look wat ertz jus did first two weeks with Foles he is a target machine and Adams had no Rodgers all last season and still was awesome every single week.