Is This Trade Colluding or not?

Team 1 is a lock for the playoffs, while Team 2 is not making the playoffs. These two teams trade the following (Team 1 and Team 2 are brothers):

Golden Tate & Orleans Dwarka for Mark Ingram

Team 1 obviously gets Ingram and trade goes through. Now everyone is trying to raid the bottom four teams for their best players. It’s fair for the trade to get reversed correct? Teams that are out of contention should not be trading with teams inn the playoffs correct? Note, this is NOT a keeper league. Let me know what you guys think so I can share it with the rest of my league.

Wow, that is messed up. First of all, that’s not how sports work. They should be ashamed of themselves. I once had a dude who didn’t make playoffs and he dropped all his best players and it was just a crap show. You should be proud of your team and want to win from your own draft skills, legit trades and waiver wire pickups. That is straight up collusion, and they won’t even feel cool for winning.

Tate and Dwarka could help a team out.

Obviously Ingram could too.

Fair trade just like in real life - you do not know the future and what impact each of these players will have… if this is unfair then a commisioner should have veto power to deny.