Is this trade collusion

Just looking for some input, I’m the commissioner of my league and this trade popped up for K Benjamin for D Thomas, the owner trading away DT has saints players and has no other WR to play, trades with her BF who has Benji on his bench so she can have an active player, do I let this trade proceed?

I would allow the trade to happen and if there was an attempt for a tradeback the following week, I would not allow it.

But I’m a sick individual

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I have to agree. A trade is a trade…BF’s or not. BUT…if a Tradeback was proposed for next week…NOPE. That says to me that there was major “fore-planning” going on here.

I think I agree with them

Cool thanks guys, glad I could trust the clan for solid input

Hope it helps Vladdy88

AND…IF a Tradeback was proposed next week…you could toss it up to them that “collusion” has been intimated in this situation. (They may not realize that this is a suspicious move) Even the “guys” mentioned THAT EXACT SITUATION in their show today. SO…there…you’ve got verification from ANALYSTS for this type of transaction process!!!