Is this trade collusion?

A 1-6 team is trading Brandon Cooks to a 4-3 team for Desean Jackson. I am not involved in the trade.

I’m the commissioner and I see it as one sided but ultimately not collusion. Some of my league mates are up in arms about this trade and I wanted to make sure this was on the up and up.

If it’s not collusion than it looks like a stronger player preying on a less informed player. As commish, the two things to look out for are collusion and the informed preying on the uninformed. I would talk to the parties involved. If for instance the current Cooks owner is a huge Bucs fan, then there probably isn’t anything you can do. It’s just a stupid trade on his part.

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I did. He said there is no difference between the 2 players, both are boom or bust. I tried to illustrate that Cooks’ floor is higher and the ceiling even more so. Nada. Nothing.

I mean Julio is boom or bust too…should you trade Julio for Jackson? Stupid argument.

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While it’s a horrible trade, I wouldn’t view it as collusion. It’s the unknown of fantasy football. Cooks could get hurt this week and be out for the season and then the trade looks great for the guy that gave him up. Bad trades don’t equal collusion usually. We’ve had trades in our league that on paper look atrocious that end up 5 weeks later looking great for the guy everyone was picking on.


Yeah at first I thought collusion, but if you think the person is being honest, sounds like he just has a different perspective of boom or bust. Just like during the draft, some people draft Rodgers or Gronk in the first round. Dumb picks, but hey maybe they avoided an injury landmine with the anti consensus pick. If it really looks like the guy wants Jackson, I’d prob allow it. If the bucs have more games like that, the res probably someone somewhere who’d take a water bet for their rank ROS, or at least for targets or something.


I agree man. These guys have played for years too. Always get at least one dumb trade.

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I agree. I didn’t think it was that atrocious but I was getting phone calls and texts like crazy.

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The water bet idea is a good one, but this is a buddy league. We all hooped or played football together. Some guys research waaaay too much(me) and some don’t research at all.

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I certainly don’t think you can veto the trade, even though it’s not necessarily equitable for both sides. Sounds like two willing parties, and one of them is just doesn’t have great “fantasy smarts”

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That’s ultimately what I decided.

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I wouldn’t consider this collusion, I’d rather have Jackson than cooks personally.

Buccs fan? Or U of California fan? I can’t think of an argument to have DeSean over Cooks. Not a single one.

Neither. I just see Jackson coming out above cooks at end of year. Having a QB who has to through as much as Winston does and Evans always having the opposing teams #1 CB on him, it opens up more opportunities for Jackson. Cooks is more of a risk in my opinion but that’s the fun of Fantasy. Making risky moves and seeing how they play out.