Is this trade crazy, or just right?

Do you think Barkley and Diggs for Patterson and Antonio Brown is a good trade? Full ppr. I hate to give up Diggs, but patterson would be special in my flex and brown has been a monster when he was on the field. Brady loves him.

Qb: lamar
Rb1: zeke
Rb2: James Robinson
Wr1: Cooper Kupp
Wr2: Stefon Diggs
Te: hockenson
Flx: Emmanuel sanders
Def: rams
K: Tyler bass

Be: dalton schultz
Be: Tony pollard
Be: Zack moss
Be: Rashod Bateman
Be: Adrian Peterson
Be: saquon Barkley
Be: Jamal Agnew
Be: Carlos hyde

ir: Jeff Wilson

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I would not make that trade. I believe Barkley is close to a return and frankly you are getting the worse end of both players IMO


Totally agree. If healthy, Barkley and Diggs are much more valuable then Patterson and Brown.

Hard pass - even more AB has been hurt.

Unless this is redraft there is no way I make the trade. And even in redraft I’d probably not, but if it flames out you draft a new team next year so no longterm effects.

Just like others have said I’d pass without regret.

I agree with everyone here.

I fully believe Barkley will come back after the week 10 bye and fully healthy. Barkley was starting to look like an RB1 before the ankle injury.

AB will probably miss significant, if not the rest of the season.

Patterson has been performing well, but Diggs is still the alpha WR1 in BUF. In addition, BUF offense is WAAAAAY more trustworthy than ATL.