Is this trade crazy?

The guy who has Zeke is in last place and the rest of his roster is pretty bad. Is this trade crazy or lopsided?? My argument to him is I’m providing startable depth lol…

I give: Tyler Lockett, James White & Tevin Coleman
For: Zeke
.5ppr / 12-team

My Roster
RBs: Aaron Jones, Josh Jacobs, Carlos Hyde
WRs: Michael Thomas, DJ Chark, Sammy Watkins

Should I just ride out w/the guys I have?

How does his roster look like?

I guess its fair, but its very possible this wont fly.

hahaha true but i can try

I think that’s more or less fair. But I can see why he’s hesitant - Zeke is his singular point of consistency. If you need him to bite, you could probably swap White for Hyde in your deal. Might need a big week for Hyde in order to sell it though. Good luck.

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