Is this trade even?

I need upgrade in wr so:
I get Corey Davis and sonny Michele
Give up Marshawn and kelvin Benjamin

Other rb I have are
Jordan Howard

So i figured i can give up Marshawn thoughts?

There’s no way they’ll accept that trade IMO

Thanks for the thoughts

Marshawn Lynch alone should be able to haul the likes of at least an Allen Robinson, Golden Tate or Marvin Jones given his ADP. I would target someone of their caliber rather than Corey Davis.


I do like those players I’ll try to target them

Reconsidering my post after reading this, Im either undervaluing Lynch or my absolute zero faith in Kelvin Benjamin prevented me from analyzing the rest of the trade fairly.

I actually kinda like Benjamin, i feel the volume will be enough to make him serviceable

I would take this trade. You have great depth at starting RB, and Corey Davis and Michel both have some killer upside.

I think Michel is undervalued right now. He used to be a 4th round ADP and is now creeping into the 7th/8th even though he is already back and practicing.

I think Michel is a potentail league winner for those who can afford to sit on him, which it looks like you definitely can.

Also, I’m pretty high on Davis. Very low on Benjamin, especially after watching that Oline. I think Davis easily outproduces Benjamin and there’s a strong shot that Michel also outproduces Lynch by a couple games in.

I’m personally accepting this trade.