Is this trade worth BELL?

1/2 ppr 3 WR start

WR- Julio, Adams, Godwin, boyd, robby anderson, Kirk,
QB- Kyler Murry Aarong rodgers.
RB Carson, Kerryon, brieda, colemank, penny

Trading away Adams and Kerryon for Bell and matt ryan.
I would drop rodgers in this trade situation.

I would not do this unless it’s a 2QB league or you already have a trade lined up for one or two of these QB’s. I like bell ROS but why do you need Ryan? What’s the league size?

It a 10 team league. 1 qb start. ryan is the only other person he will give. He will not trade straight up for bell.

His WR odell, mclaurin, sanu, autum tate
RB Bell, hyde
TE He has Henry and Engram.
QB is watson and ryan.

I guess the right answer is i dont need ryan but hes the only other player i could bull from him. He wants to use one of his TE for RB depth. I have waller.

It’s not really making sense to me unless the guy just refuses to do a 2:1 trade. Ryan is productive and it’s really his problem deciding who to drop. I wouldn’t do it if I were in your shoes. I’m not so sure it’s a sharp improvement at RB and Adams will be healthy later in season. Your WR depth is good and you wouldn’t be improving your RB depth, just swapping one for the other. It’s a no for me.

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He has made alot of really bad trades including one with AB and then 2 hours later hes cut lol. He is desperate for depth. Thank you for your advise