Is this veto worthy?

Would you veto this trade? TY Hilton and Rex Burkhead for AJ Green? The Green owner is a Lev Bell owner with Henrey and Alex Collins as his only other start worth RBs.

Vetoes shouldn’t happen at all. But if it is a league rule that there is veto power to the commish or by a league vote then unfortunately need to deal with the bull that comes along with it and deal with it in the offseason (or if you can get a league vote now to get rid of any vetoes). Think it’s a fair trade regardless.


I also don’t like vetoes in general. I’ve been doing FF since the early 2000s, and there have rarely been times when a veto possibility has come up. This wouldn’t be one of them.

Personally, I think that if two owners agree to a trade, so be it.

But as a commish, if I think someone is being suckered in a trade, or something’s up, I might bring up the lopsided nature of a trade on the league message board and then let the “culture of the league” figure it out. I could be wrong, anyway.

but yeah…if there is such a thing as a veto-worthy trade, this aint it.


Veto doesn’t happen unless collusion can be proven.

I don’t even hate this trade, I’m honestly confused on which side you feel like is getting cheated.


Thanks for the replies. I offered TY and Rex for Green. Just needed to here I wasn’t crazy

That’s a completely fine trade. If it’s a vote system and that gets voted down, leave the league and never speak to those people again.

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