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Is this way too much?


I’ve started 0-2. Not good. Am I giving too much and screwing my chances next year with this trade? I doubt he even accepts but worth a shot.

I give:
Jordan Howard (Can be kept in the 14th round next year)
Carlos Hyde
Jeremy Maclin
2018 2nd round pick (He will probably counter for my 1st round pick)

I get:
Antonio Brown
Ty Montgomery
2018 7th round pick

My team after trade:
QB- Jay Cutler
WR - Antonio Brown
RB - Lev Bell
RB - Ty Montgomery
TE - Charles Clay
W/R - Devante Parker
BN - James Conner
BN - Jamison Crowder
BN - Matt Breida (Probably drop since I no longer need to handcuff Hyde)
BN - Sterling Shep
BN - Chris Thompson


I like the trade. Will any of the new players be keep-able?


win now right? an this trade gives you one hell of a starting lineup. 2 RB1s, and 2 WR1s. only issue, if ANY of them get hurt, you are fucked. so if you pull this off, you had better secure some handcuffs, and go waiver wire bargain shopping.


No they will not be unfortunately.

Would you still do this if I need to give my 1st round pick?


Haha right?

Would you still do it if I give my 1st round pick?


No not the 1st.


im assuming this is redraft keeper? sounds like it is. if we are talking about that, then a 1st is too pricey. if its a first rookie pick for a dynasty league, then i am much more inclined. hell a second is pretty pricey, but ill always try to win now over worrying about what to do in the future. but i do always draw the line at a first rounder.


Yeah it is a redraft keeper league with 2 keepers and you can’t keep anyone drafted in the first three rounds. So most of the big names are still available each year to draft.


then yeah im not going any higher than a second.