Is this worth getting CMC?

12-team, 0.5ppr. Been going back and forth w/ opponent on trades. Currently on the board -

Receiving: McCaffrey, Kupp, John Brown
Trading away: Keenan Allen, Tyreek Hill, Njoku

Rest of my team (notable guys) - Kamara, Lynch, Lockett, Stills, Jared Cook.

Is getting CMC worth shipping out my top WR’s? Scored the 2nd-most pts in my league this week and lost. Sitting at 1-3 and getting antsy.

i think I would do it. You’re 1-3 and getting CMC will make you dangerous at RB with Kamara. Plus you can stream a WR every week for match ups. Paying a little high but I’d take it.

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I think I like it, too. Just not sold on CMC’s TD potential with Cam in the offense. At the same time, I can’t afford to wait til week 10 like last season for Keenan to blow up. That Kamara/CMC ppr tandem is lethal tho, esp w/ CMC past his bye already.

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Dude. YES. This is amazing for you imo.

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CMC and Kamara in PPR is just unfair lol. And yeah CMC may not score TD’s (or he might start soon who knows) but Kamara will happily make up for that…plus, Allen and Hill don’t score many TD’s anyway.

Cmc doesnt need To score touchdowns To be relevent.