Is this worth the trade?

I’d be trading diggs for Goodwin and Austin Eckler. Thoughts?


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I wouldn’t. Diggs is guaranteed major targets. Many more than either Goodwin or Ekeler.

@MayoLuver in one of your other threads I believe you mentioned your fantasy team is doing well. If that’s the case I strongly encourage you to approach your leaguemates who have less than stellar records and are dealing with untimely byes in must win matchups and try to pry their studs with 2 for 1 offers. If you need any specific advice we’re all here for you.


Golden rule #1: quality > quantity. Always be the person offering more lessers for less superiors.

Brilliant advice.

Very nicely put @UpsettiSpaghetti!!!

@MayoLuver…you’ve got a lot of GREAT people here that offer a ton a great advice. Ultimately it’s always GOT to be YOUR FINAL DECISION…BUT…as I always say…it never hurts to have 2, 3, 12 “second” thoughts in this wacky, crazy world of FFB that can AND will drive us all nuts on a daily/weekly basis!!! :rage: :rofl:

Thanks everyone for the advice and I think your all right. Imma start trying to target people desperate to win. Appreciate everything from all you guys and gals

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