Is ths a fair trade?

Do you think CEH and Golladay for Julio, Gurley, Henderson is a fair trade?

Yeah i think it’s okay. Your pretty much trying to buy low on Golladay before he blows up, so now’s your best opportunity to do that deal. Otherwise if he has a good game then i don’t think itll be enough, especially since it’s looking like Julio won’t play this week

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Assume this Is this meant to be Julio[n]?

It’s a fair trade if both sides accepts. I prefer the CEH side.


Ya, i meant Julio. I corrected it now.

Agreed with @fun4willis.

CEH has the clear higher upside and safer floor among the RBs being traded.

Julio and Golladay is essentially an equal trade, IMHO. I believe Golladay becomes a target monster and has the potential to be a top 5 WR. Golladay was still scoring TDs (11 TDs last year) with Blough and Driskel throwing to him. He was the WR9 in fantasy last year (I believe) again with not great QB play for half of the year.

Juilo is Juilo, a consistent 90-100 catches 1300-1400 yds a year player that hopefully gets into the end zone.