Is tom savage really a downgrade for Hopkins

What’s up footclan. I built a great squad and i dont know how I did it. My QB is tyrod though but his schedule is great now on. I gave up tom Brady for Hopkins and diggs. My receivers are Antonio brown, aj green, Julio jones, diggs and hopkins with Dede Westbrook and Corey Coleman. While my Rbs are Doug Martin, Bell, McCoy, lynch, and wood head. Should I trade Hopkins Doug martin, and lynch for Doug Baldwin and Adrian Peterson? Or get another RB1. Let me know guys and thanks for reading this essay lol

What is your league format? You look fine where you sit lol.

How can you own AB, Julio, Green, Diggs and Hopkins… thats insane! What kind of league is this??

Do not touch your team, your depth in WRs and RBs is unreal, I don’t know how you managed to do that, great work! The only improvement I would suggest is to improve your QB, but I’ll wait to see if Taylor continues to give 20+ points with the schedule you mentioned.

i wouldn’t touch anything literally close your laptop and let your team win insane that you have all that talent on your team