Is trading Funchess for Ajayi even worth it at this point?

I’ve got Julio and Dez to start WR, but usually start Kamara and smallwood/Coleman for RB since injuries took away DJ and Dalvin.

Crowell is also on the bench, it seems like a no brainier but i worry Ajayi is just another Crowell at this point.


if you were looking to get ajayi, i would buy way lower than kelvin. as an owner of both, even with kelvin’s lack of huge game, its an absolute headache to own ajayi. i absolutely agree he is turning into crowell.

Who are your other WRs? Beaus I think Ajayi could have more upside with the amount of touches he gets compared to Funchess possibly losing reps to Mcaffrey and possibly Olsen coming back down the road.

Just my opinion though!

only thing i would say to this is that when the offense is playing catch up (which it probably will be doing ROS) ajayi gets pushed to the side when it comes to offensive scheme.