Is trading these picks worth it?

Im in a Standard Keeper league. The person drafting from spot 1 offered me there second and third round picks for my first round. He can keep CMC at 11 and still have the first overall pick, while I can keep Mixon at the 24th pick in the second round. A lot of running backs are being kept so I’m wondering if this trade is worth it. He also wants to swap 4th rounders with me because he wouldn’t have a single pick until the fourth round after the 1st overall. Is trading these picks worth it, and does swapping 4ths make it not worth.

Full Trade
Receive- 24th and 25th pick, 48th pick
Give away- 11th pick, 39th pick

Update: I was also thinking on asking to swap 7ths if he wants to swap 4ths to make it a little better.

That’s very interesting, and with keeping mixon at the 24 that’s nice. I think I would do it if I was you.

So you’re either picking at 11, keeping Mixon at 14, then picking at 35 & 38. Or picking at 14, keeping Mixon at 24, and the picking at 25, 35, and 38 (unless you swap). I’d do it if you feel like the players still available at 11 & 14 are the same tier. It’s a keeper league so at some point there’s going to be a big drop off in tiers. Also I wouldn’t swap 4s but if you do I’d ask to swap 5s too. They’re trying to get CMC and the best available player. That should cost them.