Is Triple-stacking the Chiefs a good idea this week?

I’m worried that the Chiefs are going up agains the Ravens D.

Currently have Hill, Kelce and Spencer Ware.

I was considering benching Ware so I can flex Sterling Shepard (OBJ is out) and Courtland Sutton instead of just one of them.

Do you guys think it’s worth the upside of playing both receivers or should the Chiefs be fine just like they always are?

Id play sterling shepard this week. Don’t love ware against the ravens D

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I second this.

Thank you fine sirs. Best of luck to you in your leagues

Not to play devils advocate, but with OBJ out, Shepard will be covered by Josh Norman. That could really hurt considering Shepard is not that great of a reciever to break a lock-down corner’s coverage.

I would role with Sutton over Shepard, but don’t start Ware