Is Trubisky an every week start?

Is he? Qb1 ROS ?

I’d roll with him. You might get a couple bad weeks but his big weeks have been very big and theres been more of them than bad ones.


I agree, but esp at home I’d say. I worry abt him on road vs. good opponents, or on road vs. very bad opponents where the defense is likely to decide the game very early on. Idk his schedule rest of the way, but if you have a seasoned stud QB in a home game, for instance Cam or someone, I’d still be starting Cam over Trubisky for now at least.

Really glad you posted this. I’ve got Truby and Wilson. Picked up Truby in week 7. Played him every week since.

Last week was the only week I should have played Wilson over him.

The next couple of weeks I’m gonna be really torn on who to play between the two of them. After that, I think they’re gonna be a close call as far as their match-ups go.

BUT…gotta say…I’m officially NOW a Truby TRUTHER!!! (or as I saw somebody on here call him…TRUTHISKY)!!! LOL

I would see how he does against Minnesota first next weekend.
Here is his ROS schedule:

I would say overall he’s got a pretty good schedule, not many of these teams have solid pass rush or stud DBs (except maybe the Vikings with XRhodes+Harrison Smith in the secondary). If he can play well even with the heavy pressure of the Vikings DLine, I think he would solid for the remainder of the season as he gains more experience with each game.


All those are beatable through the air except Vikings and that’s only this week if he has a normal playoff league. Add to it his running ability. I think that’s a solid schedule. Vikes can be beat depending on how banged up Rhodes is at any given moment.

Lions (Slay is banged up and was beaten badly last week)
Giants (Not great and traded away Apple and Snacks)
Rams (top two corners down)
Packers (Traded away HaHa, beatable defense but might have to worry about the cold in either Chi or GB)
49ers (beatable)
Vikings (presumably season is over)

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Vikings game will be very telling, I agree.

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Thank you all for your responses!

The other options I’m looking at for QB are Big Ben and Rivers as ROS options. Should Trubisky be started over either of these guys at this point?

Ben has mostly road games left and I don’t find Rivers has enough boom. Although rivers plays KC in week 15 and Ben plays NO in week 16. They play each other in week 14

I was thinking to keep 2 QBs for the playoff schedule.

They are all going to be roughly the same spot (back end QB1). It’s not a bad idea to keep a couple and mix and match starts if you have any reservations about the schedule.

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I am trying to scoop him up for a couple matchups here and there possibly. I have Ryan and Wentz and was contemplating dropping Wentz… Maybe I am nutz, but I want to see him play this week. It’s a big game and if they beat the Vikings, then it will indicate they can do big things.

I’d keep those two honestly. I think Wentz is rounding back into last year form.

So…y’all think I should play Truby this coming week (11)? Or Wilson against GB? This is one week I truly can’t decide. Been pretty confident in playing Truby over Wilson these past few weeks and it worked out perfectly. But…again…REALLY, REALLY, REALLY not sure about this one.

Thanks y’all!!!

I’ve got Rivers and Fitzpatrick. Definitely drop Fitzpatrick for trubisky?

Yeah. More upside with Trubisky. Better offense for sure. I think Fitz is pretty safe though. They won’t put Winston back in because if he gets hurt they have to pay him next year.

Roll with Rivers and trubs then?

Yeah. I think between those two you can do pretty good. It’s hard having to pick sometimes ,but those two offenses are much better than TB.

I think I will roll with Ben and Trubisky, but will probably end up playing Ben every week lol

I just got Trubisky off waivers because no one else wanted him. Didn’t reset my waiver priority.

Play Ryan hosting the Cowboys, Wentz @ NO, or Trubisky against the Vikings? Also, I have the chargers DST; Should I drop Trubisky to also carry Titans DST for the playoffs?

I’m higher on Trubi ROS than most in here. He is 8 overall in our leagues scoring format and has a great schedule ahead. Has had 2 poor games and is probably in the top 5 is you minus those two games.

Those two games (Bills and Ari) were both games of obvious game script concern for him, as they would logically get ahead early then pound the ground game. So he has huge ceiling and is predicable, therefore he is of immense value to me.

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@Caveman45 he is 7th in our scoring, and while many games have come at the expense of weaker opponents, I think he’s got a great schedule ROS and only continues to improve each week. They are beating teams the way they need to demonstrate they are for real and not really playing down to their competition any more. I really like him as well.

I discount the Bills game and don’t hold that against him. He and much of the offense/pass catchers were game scripted out. And the Cardinals game was earlier in the year and he has shown significant maturation since then. I mean, not for nothing, they came 1 yard away from tying and possibly beating the Pats (when they were playing better…)