Is waller worth a start?

Given AB’s situation right now

Not over Howard, but I am streaming him on one of my leagues.
Also, what are you doing with three TEs in your roster?

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Had an open slot. Picked him up on a reach. May have been a bit much of a reach

Is he worth holding or did I just jump the gun on that one

hold. derek carr can throw to tyrell williams… not sure who else beside darren waller and renfrow

I would actually prefer to hold him over Walker

Fair enough. I dont like holding 3 TEs but theres not much on waivers right now other than j Richard’s or j jackson. Should I just hold out for a week or 2?

Justin Jackson? Go and pick him up immediately!

And drop Walker for him? And after that is he a starter or just a stash

I still think I like my lineup the way it is, but adding jackson would add some nice depth to my rbs

What about starting Waller over Austin Hooper this week in a PPR?