I have the 9th pick in my draft, in my mocks, im going rb + rb + wr and sometimes zach ertz falls to my pick in the 4th round, should i get him or go with another wr?

How many teams in your league?
What’s the scoring format?
Is it a redraft?

Generally, Ertz goes in the back of the 4th, not as early as you would take him from your position. but he won’t be there when it comes back around to you in the 5th. so if you really want him, take him. Just know it’s a bit of a reach and you’ll be passing over guys like Thielen, Amari, and JuJu to get him.

If you’re okay with that – and I think I might be – then do it.

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my bad, is a standard 12-team league, redraft
I can wait to get trey burton or jordan reed in the 7th or 8th, but ertz seems to be the safest te option to go with in this draft… if i take him, i could end up with golden tate or hogan as my WR2, really dont know if is worth it to pass o a safest wr2 in the 4th like thielen or cooper, just like you said

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