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Isaiah Crowell problem


Should I drop Alex Collins FOR ISAIAH CROWELL?


Crowell is the go to guy in Cleveland, he also has a money match up this week. I personally like him this week.


as bad as the browns are, it seems the crow will continue to be the feature back. I am hoping they figure it out and soon, with a great matchup this week.


I’m nearly in the same boat. Crowell just became a free agent in my league and I have Buck Allen I’m thinking of droping him for. Really tempted to just see what the Crow can do in this match up.


I have no faith in him, I have him on my bench, Gilly disappointed me with 5pts I’m ina fought spot as well kuz I have McCoy starting with Crow on my bench with a good matchup but I can’t seem to trust him


I would most definitely drop alex collins for Crowell. I don’t have faith in crowell but at least you are getting a starting rb this week with a good matchup and all you’re dropped is a rotational rb


I dropped Crowell this week. I have lost all faith in him… I hope he reads this so he proves me wrong.