ISO: Dynasty League / Startup

Experienced redraft player. Looking to jump into the world of dynasty, but the leagues I’m in are uninterested in doing anything more than keepers.

Let me know if anyone needs an active, competitive addition to their league/startup!

Interested in a free 10 team dynasty? We have 1 spot left


My sleeper ID is honestlyprobably

I have a startup on sleeper $50 buy in. Sf league


I’m interested! Send me a message on sleeper? ID: honestlyprobably

Interested if there’s still an open spot

What’s your name on sleeper ?

Hey! We have a free 12 team PPR dynasty starting this year!

Sleeper username is: TylerTheRadarTechnician

I’m starting up a new $20 Dynasty league if anyone here is interested. This is a 12 person league on the Sleeper app.

I’ve found a league. Thanks everyone!