ISO Dynasty trade advice

Year one of Dynasty start up. Should I try to move Green for a rb? Or ride him as a flex. 10 team .5 ppr

That’s a great team, but you’re right to be concerned about your RB depth. Freeman is both an injury risk and aging out. I would try to move Lockett paired with maybe Foreman for a 3rd/4th Rd mid-tier RB2 with upside.

If you’re set on moving Green, then I would aim for a locked in RB2/back end RB1. You’re not in trouble at the moment, so there’s no need to press the issue unless you’re getting great value.

If it were me, I’d see if the owners of either D. Montgomary (perhaps even the J. Jacobs) is in “win now” mode and also could use the receiver upgrade to put them over the top. You risk trading an established WR1 for an RB that could flame out, but you could be offloading a WR with only a year or two of production left in favor of a rising RB1 with 5+ years ahead of them.

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Know your buying and selling windows. Sell Vets in season, buy in off season. Buy young players in season, sell off season.


That’s good advice.