Issues with comish

I just offered my Rodgers for his fournette the trade was accepted then vetoed by the comish saying he will not stand for lopsided trades. I tried to ask his logic he will not respond to me other league members have reached out to me saying that they dont understand the veto and suggested my trades are being vetoed because ive won the league the last two years and its a personal thing. What should i do?

Impeach him. That’s complete BS.


Agreed, those are his opinions as a team manager. He has the commish power to over rule, you have to force a commish committee 3 guys make ultimate decision. Only way it seems like it’ll be fair imo

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Maybe put pressure on him by league vote. Otherwise what can you do besides leave the league?

There are only two things you can do in this situation…

  1. Have a league vote of confidence on whatever messaging platform you use.
  2. Leave that trash and never look back.

That’s not an insanely lopsided trade, and if he’s willing to lose his shit over that… you’re looking at more problems later on.

Vetoes should not happen
If they are to happen, it should be a league vote.

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Vetoes should only happen when there’s collusion

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Public pressure is your only weapon. Commissioner is just salty you win/keep winning. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Post-It note next to his monitor or bathroom mirror saying ‘Veto all of Petey’s trades’

I’d have the fournette owner do the fighting for you saying he’s not letting HIM improve his team!

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