Issues with draft pick trading pre-week 1 -- need advice!

So we have a GM in our keeper league who went all in for the title last year and traded away picks. His squad this year is not great and he’s in for a long season. Yesterday he traded Chubb and a 16th rounder for Fournette and a 2nd rounder.

I don’t have a problem with the trade itself from a keeper league standpoint. But doing it prior to week 1… does this compromise the league or is it business as usual? Usually we see the draft picks being moved closer to the deadline.

I think trading draft picks and blowing up the team this early could start a trend for all the teams who had some increased draft capital to start with to then go all out and pick the corpse of the seller to build a juggernaut very early, which sucks the fun out of it for the rest of the league. Thoughts?