It was fun while it lasted!

Well folks, that’s all for me!!! Still have Stills playing tonight, but he’d have to put up probably around 80-85 pts to even have a chance. My opponent still has Brandin Cooks, but is already sitting at 140 pts as we speak, vs my measly 76 pts: A Smith - 10, Kamara - 5, R Anderson - 5, ASJ - 1. I also had Shady - 22 and Thielen - 25, but, oh well… just wasn’t meant to be LOL.

BUT…hey…at least I DID make it to the Play Offs and that’s good enough for me!!!

Already plotting for next year. LOLOL

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I feel it. I’d be sitting in the 50s if it weren’t for Bell… plus I’m in a two week playoff, so not too bad.

Well our Play Offs are 3 rounds. But…once you lose a round you go to the WINNER’S CONSOLATION BRACKET. Which means I’ll still be setting my line up for the next two weeks and still vying for points for the FINAL STANDINGS. Just meant I didn’t make it to our SUPERBOWL. We also have a LOSER’S CONSOLATION BRACKET for those who didn’t make the Play Offs. So everybody still has a reason to keep pushing for the full 16 weeks. Win or Lose.

Anyway, Good Luck to ya my friend!!!:grin: