Ito for D Cook?

Our Cook owner is a massive Falcons fan. Pretty sure I could get him to trade. What do you think ppr?

My other RBs besides Ito: Barkley, Hunt, Chubb, KJ, Yeldon and A Jones.

I’d take that trade. Not like you need Ito to start and I think Cook has more upside so in those situations, I typically take the higher upside play.

Considering you’re stacked, yes. Take the 2nd string Rb and turn it into a first string.

Thanks, gents

That was quick. He accepted lol.

I like it.

Cook owners are tilting. As a Cook owner, I know this all too well. If i was hurting and down 1-5 or something, I’d have to consider that trade.

I’m happy to have Cook. Couldn’t ever have seen Ito cracking my lineup. Can possibly see that with Cook. Hopefully come playoff time.

Ito really isn’t even particularly good at his best, at least in what he’s shown thus far. He just has a really nice situation around him. Whereas Cook has genuine talent and he doesn’t have to risk anything with all that depth to spare. Hopefully Cook can get on the field sometime to show it though. I hardly recall what he even looks like on the field. I need to investigate his game by game performances now…I feel like I’ve done this once and it caused me to think very lowly of Cook compared to consensus. Let’s see

Cook is awesome on the field. Loved him out of college and drafted him a lot last year (to my own detriment). I evaluate a lot of guys based on their cutting ability and vision. And Cook’s cuts are pretty dank.

On Ito, I would just say that I think he has looked better than Coleman to me this year. I like him as a flex play depending on matchups but cook when healthy, is an every week starter for me so in that situation, it’s not particularly close.

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Alright yeah he can go off if he can stay on the field clearly. But damn, this guy is a tragic injury case. He doesn’t have much more leeway before his body just says no more or his team does…that’s a shame. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that

There’s your boy ODB finally!

How serious is Cooks injury?

Its hamstring. Hamstring injuries for RBs are awful. They linger for the season and don’t go away which is the main issue. Look at fournette. They’re very similar injuries. I just hope that they don’t rush him. I’d rather him miss a couple more weeks and come back at like 90%+ then for him to rush him in at 70%.

Yeah I can afford a few weeks. Matter of fact I hope he comes back for the stretch leading up to the playoffs and through them. We’ll see how it pans out.

Yeah. Which is exactly what happened to Fournette right? Or what screwed him over rather…

Prob was the case w D Freeman too to some extent

Dude. Julio. You are a veteran. Go out of bounds. Matt Ryan and Julio will go down as the most prolific link to never have true or consistent postseason success. They’ve taken it as far as it’s gonns go in that SB loss. Ryan and Julio were both scarred for their whole careers as a result

I think freeman had a knee injury didn’t he? And then it was a bone fracture in the foot. So slightly different. Hamstring injuries are probably the most easily reaggravated injuries around for RBs. But I see your point. Basically rushing players back before ready is stupid. Which is why I’m glad they are taking the patient approach with lenny and leaving him out till week 10.