Ito or Greg the Leg

Standard. Who would you prioritize on waivers? I know first reaction is Ito, but why not Zuerlien? I have gordon, michel, cmc, yedon, fournette. Barring catastrophe ito likely never plays. Zuerlein is an every week player. Am I nuts?

I’m in a similar position and I’m going for Greg. The only caveat would be if I could look into a trade 2 for 1

Go ito smith. There are plenty of good kickers

I am going with Ito Smith. Zuerlein may make it around to me as my 2nd claim. His groin is a concern as well which impacts the decision

You’ve got more than enough RB depth in my eyes. I’d go with Greg personally. He wins matches easily. The Rams will be much more inclined to allow a kick rather than go for it on 4th with him in the mix.