Ito Smith, Barber, or Smallwood?

I’m looking to add runningback depth. Who would be the better pick?

Pick up Ito Smith…

Peyton Barber had 1 good game out of 5, and that was against the horrible Falcons defense.
What he did against Atlanta, where he had over 100 combined rushing/receiving yards and a TD will not continue for rest of season so don’t even think of getting Barber…

Smallwood will be in a committee with Clement/Sproles for rest of season. Philly loves using running back by committee, and I believe Clement will be the one to own (if any) from the Philly backfield…

Ito will share time with Coleman, but he has been the goalline back and involved in the passing game.

So out of the 3 RBs you mentioned, I would go with Ito Smith. I see him having greater upside than Barber/Smallwood…

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I’d go with Barber. He could be the worst RB of the 3, but he’s easily got the best opportunity to get volume. If the other RB’s don’t get enough carries, they could bomb and lose you the week. A RB with good volume is unlikely to cost you a win no matter how bad they are.

Ito for me. Easily.

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Would any of you guys drop Cohen or Corey Davis for Ito? I have Coleman, and Ito just cleared waivers…smh the Freeman owner point chased Murray instead. Or just see what Cohen is this week, if he goes off again i can sell him high to someone for sure
My RBs - Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Coleman, Kerryon, Cohen
WR - OBJ, Green, Landry, Baldwin, Davis

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I would not…
I faced the same decision in many leagues where I was the Tevin Coleman owner…
I do not want both Coleman and Ito Smith on my roster, it is one or the other…

I would not drop any of your current players for Ito Smith…

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I don’t think you necessarily want both Coleman and Ito. You could technically drop Davis for Ito if you really wanted. I know that’s coming from me who is a corey davis truther but given your WR line up, Not sure if he really makes it into your starting line up at all. And to be honest, I am very frustrated with watching mariota play football. He looks objectively bad. Of the 11 sacks he took last week, I’d say about 2-3 are at the fault of Oline. Rest were all him. And Davis’s schedule doesn’t get any better. In Dynasty, I’m still buying Davis cause of the talent but in redraft, he is quickly becoming expendable. Especially with all the viable matchup based WRs available on waivers.

Also, I low-key think there is a chance that Ito displaces coleman this year and takes a 55/45 or 60/40 lead. I think they really like the kid and want to see what they have with him before coleman goes to FA this offseason. And Ito has been the superior runner this season in terms of efficiency and has also led in red zone opportunities over Coleman. If you got Ito though, I would say you could trade coleman based on his current perceived value as the Rb1 in atlanta, and then gamble on Ito’s upside. And if you lose on that gamble, not like you lose much cause you got studs in Gordon and Mixon anyways and would have made a return on Coleman at high end RB2 value.

I was thinking the same thing after waivers cleared to be honest. I missed out on OJ Howard and I’m speaking to the Ertz owner about a trade as he needs RBs badly. Trying to get that done and then I can drop mh streaming TE and grab Ito from the pool. Failing that Davis is the next guy out for me as you say I’m not playing him and he’s just sat on my bench doing very little so if I can’t get a deal done I’ll hold out as long as I can and grab Ito before the Falcons play so I have him and then I can always trade Coleman next week

@MikeMeUpp i have someone close to taking Coleman and Davis for Ertz. Has very little at RB and has DT and Fitz playing today so if they suck he’s taking the deal - he’s 2-4 and needs to string wins. Based on my roster and needs this seems like a big win for me?

I can grab Ito as soon as the deal is done and stash McDonald to cover Ertz’s bye week in a couple of games time, i’ll be pretty set up for the title run if i can add a stud TE in.

I think thats fine. Getting a TE who you don’t need to rotate every week is solid. And you can think of the trade as coleman + Davis for Ertz + Ito which is a pretty big win imo.