Ito Smith or Corey Clement?

I am looking to pick up either Clement or Ito Smith. This is a dynasty league, .5 ppr. I have the #3 waiver priority. Could use some extra help at RB.

What do you guys think?

I think Clement will get a better work load and is currently trending as the lead back. Ito is someone I am trying to pick up at the moment bc Clement is not available, but I plan on just holding him to see what his value is. That backfield belongs to Coleman.

It’s close but give me Ito. I am not too keen on buying into eagles backfields. Peterson has now shown that he sticks bye RBBC. That is what he wants to do. I can almost guarantee they will either draft or trade for a FA RB before the trade deadline or in the off season to take that lead job. CC also can’t stay healthy this season.

On the flip side you have Ito. The coaching staff CLEARLY wants to use him. Even last week, in a close game and in critical moments, it was a dead even split between him and Coleman. Now with Freeman out, they are goign to continue to use him to see what they have in this kid so they can figure out what they want to do with Coleman in the off season. Also there, it’s a 2 headed backfield vs a 3 headed one.

In a dynasty league, not sure how he will last till waiver #3 though. Hard to come by players like him or CC on waivers so I’m shocked he’s even available. Ito smith was drafted in every single dynasty league I played this season.

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Mike actually makes a good point, I completely overlooked the fact that this was a dynasty league.

Thank you both for you opinions. I was really torn on this one. I felt like I could make a case for either one. I will definitely try and get Ito first and then Clement. Appreciate it!