Ito Smith over Ingram

Would you start Ito over Ingram this week?

What other backs do you have that can be started?
NO favours the pass, and probably will even more with Dez in town (granted itll be a week before he starts). however if they use him as the clock killer he could rack up the points.
Ito against cleveland is a good matchup too.

I think you play whoever you think will get a TD. I think Ingram has a better shot.

Ito has a td in 4 of his last 5 games. He seems to be their go to goal line back. I’d argue they have a similar floor (4-6 pts), Ingram’s ceiling is higher, but Ito has a better chance of reaching his ceiling. Especially against Cleveland imo.

I could be biased given I’m putting Ito in my 2nd flex spot this week, but I also don’t have to make the decision you do, and I know I’d have a very tough time with that decision.

I’d go with Ito for safety, Ingram if you need to swing for the fences.

Fair assesment.
I am having to play Ito out of necessity and am hoping for the TD.

If you had to choose between Ekeler Vs Oakland
Or Funchess or Olsen against Pitsburgh, who do you go with?
Having Flex problems and got a thursday game

I think I’d go Funchess. Think it’s going to be high scoring in Pitt tomorrow night and Cam can definitely keep up with that.

Do you think he is more likely to get a TD than Olsen?
Olsen has 3 in his last 3. Yardage is pretty close in 3/4 of the games since Olsen came back

It’s a tough call. Pitt is very good against the TE or WR. Olsen could be the safer bet forsure.

Thats what i figure Olsen definetely looks to have the floor. Funch just needs one big catch&run to return big dividends.

Its a key week for me as i am tied on the playoff bubble in wins with my opponent