Ito Smith Value

I picked up Ito Smith last week. How should I value him? I want to trade him away. Who should I target? Thanks

I’m also interested to see what the community thinks of Ito Smith’s value. Is he or Marlon Mack the top add if they are both available?

Also, is either Mack or Ito Smith worth the #1 waiver priority?

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I’ve got the same question I’ve just lost freeman and top of the league 5-1 full ppr I’ve also got #1 waiver Mack , smith , duke and Chubb are all on waivers was wondering if any of them are worth the #1 waiver my other rbs are Gurley McCoy , Miller , clement

Ito just went WAY up. Freeman is done, but I’d expect to see Coleman dominate the touches, but Ito will have flexible value.

Mack looked to be eased back into action was super productive despite being outsnapped 2/1 by Hines.

I personally think Ito is. Freeman out at least 4-6 weeks, Coleman hasn’t been efficient and is losing snaps every week. Falcons are a high scoring offense,. At this point in the season if you can rattle off 5 wins because of a nice RB addition it can help you get to playoffs which is where the money is made.

@MikeMeUpp since I have ito Smith, would you do Ito for Big Ben straight up? Then I can stack AB and Big Ben. I have dalton right now at QB

Hm, Ito over Mack? Is that the popular opinion?

Mack seems like he’s the early down back in Indy at least . . .

No. I don’t trade skill position players for QBs who I don’t view as every week starter. Ben is not an every week starter.

With Freeman on IR, ITO just walked into the old Coleman role, arguably better because of how much red zone/goal line work he is getting.

Dalton also has 2 great matchups coming up. Stacking is nice but Dalton is going to do just fine.

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Add me to the list of people interested in this. I don’t know really know much about either of these players but I’m in great need for immediate running back value to make a playoff push.

Should I package Ito + Shady or Thompson for a solid RB2 as right now Shady and Thompson are maybe RB2

Depends on what you get.

I like Ito because of the RZ/Goal line work like Mike stated.

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Ito or Marlon Mack ROS?

I am leaning Mack here.

I had a chance at both, was looking Ito and then switched to Mack. They have seen what Mack can do, and he does offer all three down potential. I know Hines is a factor in the passing game and that their line is not outstanding (being kind), but this was also Mack’s first week back and I believe they were easing him in. He looked awesome IMHO and he can catch passes. Ito is electric and ‘new’ so I think he is garnering more attention. He is also a small back. The perception is Mack is busted and injury prone. While that might be true, he also has the chance to take a strong hold on that backfield. I do not see Ito with that opportunity in ATL, even with Coleman not living up to the hope. I suspect the odds of Coleman returning to form is likely, and they have many weapons. I do like his role in the red zone, but
that is not anything you can count on. They could just as easily hook up Julio and Ridley on bombs and never get that close.

So, while I like both and frankly I think it will be close RoS, I lean Mack. I can see an argument for Smith in PPR, but would probably still lean Mack.

In the bigger picture, I would also look to package either of them with another player in a trade to upgrade at any position. Trying to ride their current hype.

Give me Ito. Mack gives you the higher ceiling but I think has a lower floor being on a bad offense with a horrible Oline and who won’t really be able to lean on run game at all this season. Will always be trailing and coming back from behind. Just horrible game script for RBs. That coupled with Mack’s hamstring injury and his history of not being able to stay on the field, I’d rather have the 50/50 RB role in Atlanta. Also, I wouldn’t even be surprised if it started trending to a point where Ito begins to take that lead. With Freeman out and Coleman in FA next year, they are going to want to see what they have in Ito. They are already using him a lot and I expect that usage to go up even more going forward.

Ito’s red zone usage is also just extremely juicy for a team that is going to be scoring a lot. Right now, Coleman is one of the least efficient runners in the NFL. Bottom 5 in the league despite his Oline generating a +0.7 ypc for him. Ito is currently ranked 6th in the NFL in yards created after close, which is a metric to show how much the runners do on their own. However, the Oline when blocking for him is generating a league worst -1.6 ypc which is why his total YPC is around Coleman. This is something that I expect to revert to the mean because its the same oline blocking for both. And Falcons Oline is actually pretty solid group that I expect to improve going forward. I would bet on Falcons oline before I would bet on Colts oline.

Even if mack wins the job, which i believe that he should cause he is by far and away the superior talent, that oline is straight garbage. And that team is straight garbage. He’s not going to see the redzone looks required to produce at an elite level. Put another way, my approach to RBs is I will always take the 40-50% split of a good offense than the 60-70% of a bad offense every day. Ito being very involved in the passing game also helps a lot whereas Hines will always be there to vulture that work from mack.


I was able to grab Ito in both of my leagues, I got so hyped from reading this post :smiley:

Call me loony but I just dropped AJ for Ito.

i dont mind it honestly. AJ is in a backfield by committee. Ito could blow up

Dropped him over Yeldon, Carson and KJ.


We know you have high hopes for Ito and understandably he has the potential to do well, however several players on this board also have flex worthy running backs like Powell, Lindsey, Collins which have a good potential of first starting and second scoring a touchdown or even getting 10-15 points per game.

What would be your suggestion then with Ito, hes most likely a bench players for the remaining season unless injury occurs.

I sat on Freeman myself all these weeks for potential and was handed nothing out of the Falcons but bad offense and no points, what make me think Ito will turn that all around.

Also is Ito the new Lindsey… what would you do with both