Ito Smith Value?

What would you give up for Ito Smith? Full point PPR

I gave up Aaron Jones over Yeldon, Carson, and KJ last night.

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Think Alex Collins is a fair trade?

I like Ito quite a bit, but am unsure of his long-term value. Most people seem to be valuing him around Tevin Coleman’s usual value. You could probably get him pretty cheap still if whoever got him is desperate.

Damn man giving up on AJ eh? I don’t blame you, I think AJ is probably the most frustrating fantasy player to own right now. Probably the only one more frustrating is OBJ. And Kerryon is a close 3rd. Because its 3 guys who are wildly talented and clearly obvious, but totally limited by factors out side of their control. For the most part, idiotic coaches.

I’m sticking it out with AJ though because I’ve already seen him perform and know hes a stud and he has drastically improved his pass pro. He’s like 4/4 on his pass pro so far this season so as they review the tap, I’m hoping they don’t limit him as much going forward. But even when I drafted him, I didn’t expect him to be an early season contributer. I expected it to take a few weeks for him to win out that job. Might even take as long as week 10. I’m also hoping having the bye week helps cause they’ll actually have more time to plan and execute. GB is one of the worst teams right now at staying ahead of the chains. And a lot of that has to do with them putting in Ty Mont or Williams on 1st and 2nd downs and them getting like 1-2 yards. Jones i consistently helping them stay ahead of the chains. I truly believe the usage will come, you just have to be patient.

Give me Ito over collins every day of the week. Collins was one of the most overrated fantasy players coming into the season. I honestly didn’t get it. He has average talent at best and a coaching staff that clearly isn’t supportive of him. If you can trade away collins for Ito, I’d take that in a heartbeat.

My prediction is AJ has two or three big games the remainder of this season, assuming Rogers stays healthy. Good luck predicting them. If Rogers gets hurts and he’s on your bench, you have an instant top 5 RB though.

I don’t necessarily disagree that he may only have 3-4 big games this season. We are in week 6. And I had always assumed he would take a few weeks to win out the job if at all. By my timeline, I was hoping he become effective by around week 9 or 10. So if he can give me 3-4 big games, a couple of which are in the playoffs as someone in my flex spot, that is exactly what I had hoped for. I’m not going to try and guess when he blows up. I’m just going to track his usage and if I see the coaches give him the usage, then I’ll start playing him. Otherwise, I’m fine stashing him on my bench. Not like there’s anyone on waivers I could get with that upside anyway.

If you were me and just dropped him for Ito, would you now try to pull him back by dropping Yeldon, KJ, Caron, Burton (I too have OJ) or the Bears D (streaming the chargers)?

Also, I now only have three WRs: TY, Diggs and BOYD. If you were me, would drop any of the guys mentioned above for Kearse, J Brown, Kirk, Callaway or Godwin over AJ?

all three are better than kearse and co.

I have no issues with dropping burton for either Jones or John Brown tbh. If you’re hurting at WR, I like John Brown too and then you can pick up Aaron Jones once you drop the chargers D. I’m not necessarily using bears D season long. I am benching them this week and then playing them vs the jets and the bills. Not too many matchups after that which I feel they are mandatory for.

Yes, assuming no one else picks him up in the meantime. So you’re not saying drop the Bears now but that in the future they may be droppable, correct?

Personally, if i have to make the decision between a player like John Brown or Aaron Jones and a defense, I’d probably drop the D and just stream going forward. But I wouldn’t blame you for keeping them cause it’s easier to just plug and play them for 2 weeks. But i’m looking for season long value and defenses always change throughout the season as they adjust and new ones emerge. And there are always streaming options that come up. But if you’re more comfortable starting a strong D and Jones/Brown don’t make your starting line up and you prefer to hold bears, I wouldn’t fight you. It’s personal preference.

I just don’t have anyone like Jones or John Brown on my waivers that are worth me dropping bears for so I have bears and cards in the one league I play defenses. If I did though, I’d drop the bears to get them.