Ito, Uzomah, Collins, or Latavius FLEX PPR

Who are you starting of the 4 listed below in the Flex for PPR?

Ito Smith v NYG
CJ Uzomah @ KC
Alex Collins v NO
Latavius Murray @ NYJ (Cook OUT)

FWIW - started Royce last night and he got me 9 points, current projections have my opponent at 130 and myself at 109.

Between Ito and Lat Murray for me. Close call.

Probably safer to go with Murray cause he has more volume.

Damn that’s unfortunate. I would have started Ito + Murray over royce.

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yeah i just thought royce would have a breakout against the putrid AZ run d, and given that he got hurt during the game i wonder if he couldve had he not gotten injured.

If Cook is officially out, I’m probably going with Latavius. I feel Ito is almost guaranteed a TD, but it all probably won’t amount to much more than 10 fantasy points. Although I hope it does because I have to start him as my RB1 lol.

These are all good options in their own right though. Even Alex Collins could tear it up.

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thanks! and yes Cook is officially out