Its all goo

It is all good!

I’ll back you up. completely. I’ve really appreciated your help. The fantasy advice is great particularly for a novice like me, but more importantly was the encouragement not to give up on the season. Even if I don’t make the playoffs, it’s more satisfying to fight to the end. Needed a nudge to remember that. Thanks.


He is probably just upset cuz he lost by .76 points because the Titans Defense couldn’t get a single sack all game. Oh wait… That’s me!!! Grrrr…

Anyways, yeah i find it funny how people who claim to not visit, post, or bother with something anymore take the time to create a private message and send it just to tell people. You took the high road and that is the best way to handle it. Well played.


Thank you so much @courtland_clarkson and @Forty9Giants that makes me feel so good as a #footclan member. My opinion is just like everyone and I just to provide thought insight. I cant help it was read in a different manner than I was applying my thoughts. Again, thank you for understanding and making me realize I wasn’t out of line!

wow very uncalled for