Its gonna be close..plz help me tweak my lineup :)

Standard Scoring

Help! I’ve made too many changes today :hot_face:

Flex - Edwards or Samuels?
And WR2 - Golladay or Ridley? Or go for Hamilton?

Wish I would have played Kittle instead of Kelce smh…


Plz help this gal out. Trying to repeat my championship in my league at work! :wink:

I think there is a chance conner plays…
Can you flex kittle?
For me its samuels (if conner is out) > kittle > edwards
I think dixon will be more involved going forward

The receivers are very close for me too
Would prefer golladay over ridley due to volume. Hamilton should see enough targets too but who knows after one game

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If Connor plays, I’d take samuels out of lineup and flex Kittle, and start dj Moore and
Reynolds at wr. I would not start Ridley this week over any of those guys

If Connor out I would keep it how you have it and just swap Ridley for reynolds

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Thx guys! I was leaving toward the Kittle flex option as well so that helps :slight_smile: