Its monday, who has some last minute hopes to turn it around?

many ups and downs yesterday, as it stands I have 1 guaranteed loss.

i need Hollywood to score at least 15 points but NO MORE than 34 points and I can get 2 wins.

need Kelce to score no more than 31 points for a 3rd win.

anyone else out there with this many hopes/wishes for monday lol

just need 42 out of lamar and tucker combined lol so no not really but maybe

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Need ECH to score less than 15 to secure my dub tonight, and Lamar needs to score 10 more than Tucker for my other

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Up by 10.5 but they have Butker still.

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lamar getting 30+ is not that far fetched. he goes that high, you know tucker getting his too!

yeah but its 4pt throwing tds so its a little tougher but it could totally happen just unlikely even Wilson this week didnt break 40 so asking quite a lot

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dang, nothing like feeling the pressure from a kicker on MNF. lets go ravens!

here is to seeing Lamar pounding it on the ground!

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One guaranteed loss, opponent had Rodgers and utterly crushed me. Diontae Johnson socing a goose egg also killed me.

In my other league, I have won. Opponent is done, I have Hill still to play, and I am up by 4 points. Still a chance to lose, if Hill becomes butterfingers.

Overall, I am splitting this week.

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Johnson hosed me too, fortunately I have Lockett on that same team to cover the ground.

Split isn’t too shabby, don’t see hill losing 4 to 5 points.

I have Ingram and Hollywood. No clue which one to play. I need 24 points.

Who you end up rolling out?

I went with the big play upside with Brown. If I’m gonna go down, I’m gonna go down swingin’

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Sad part, I had Lockett too.

Drake and Jacobs killed me this week along with Johnson’s goose egg.

Tough draw on that, at least hill turning out tonight.

Looks like I’ll be 2-2 this weekend, nothing from Hollywood. Had that bomb he could have snagged, tough, but in the ball park.

Lamar scored 2 points less than i needed to win in 1 league, and ECH scored 3 points MORE than me to beat me in my other.

Very depressing Monday Night. Have a lot of issues to address with the lineup

Dude, what happened to Lamar last night. Homie looked like it was his first game.