It's official, no game. Drop big Ben for who?

Goff, Mullins, Stafford, Fitzpatrick

goff against the giants

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Fitz vs SEA at Home for me (and I believe Adams might even miss for SEA weakening that already weak secondary as it is)

if not feeling great about Fitz then I go Goff


Fitz has had some solid games and has a good opportunity against Seattle, hate chasing his points. My worry for him is forcing it on a comeback and turning over 3 times.

But Jamaal and potential Quinton Dunbar missing helps that situation.

I’ll be tilting all day on this lol

Depends on if you need a floor or a ceiling. I think i’d go Goff for floor against Giants simply because it’ll be hard for him to screw that up but he probs won’t rock your world with a ton of points, and honestly Fitz will be playing catchup and SEA’s secondary hasn’t been great, he could have a big game this week.

Deff not Stafford, playing a tough NO secondary, and i think SF will rely on the run game so Mullins would just be a low-floor guy

havent gotten blown out of the water with Big Bens fantasy starts this year, but getting me around 18 a week is more than fine in my books. fitz has that upside, but whats his floor to you?

different league, TE for Jonnu spot, who to scoop / drop?

Schultz, Logan Thomas, Greg, Gigantor, Atkins

Drop - *Lindsay, *Ruggs, Corey Davis, Gage (rb depth is strong on this team - Jones, Robinson, David Johnson, Chris Carson, so could see a lindsay drop)

Probably Lindsay or Ruggs for drop, idk how severe Rugg’s is but saw that gruden was “concerned”.

Would check to see if Trey Burton has been activated and if hes playing these week in Indy, if he’s not then i’d go Gigantor. Second choice would be Thomas probably.

*Edit: Thing with Fitz is i actually don’t like his floor, i think he can be quite dangerous as he has games where he balls out and throws 3 TD’s like against the Jags but if he’s facing a deficit he’s just as likely to throw 3 picks. That’s why if you want safety i’d go Goff, but if you need a big play from the QB position i’d gamble on fitz.

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thats the concern i have for Fitz too, i scooped Goff, think he will be safer floor play that wont hurt my chances to win this week.

Grudens words of concern on Ruggs concerned me too lol. i want him to do well but im a college homer from Alabama. RB depth leaves me safe if i go with Lindsay.