It's YOUR team now

LOL…ain’t never lost this bad before in all the years been playing Fantasy. 1-4/projected for 1-5. Figure it’s time for a second opinion, and 3rd and 4th and 5th and 12th LOL.


J McKinnon



Can start 2 RB, 2 WR and a Flex. Can also Flex 2nd TE.


What size/ type of league do you have going on here?

Well hell. Can’t believe I forgot that part. Sorry. 10 team PPR. Also…up against ONLY other 1-4 owner.

What I’ve got lined up now is…

Starting DeMarco, Jerick and Kamara. And…Thielen, and Garcon.


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Interesting. What I would do is package a couple players for what I think you need is a solid WR1. Target someone with more upside, you have some guys who have a steady floor.
Just an idea, because you have strong depth, and you could benefit from an upgrade.


ASJ, he is moving up every game. Kamara, will get more touches and he is a pass catcher of the backs in NO
Ellingtonis on the rise ,
flex McKinnon cause he gets the work I think.
Check the PPR ranks for you WRs and go with the two in you lineup in the order the FFBs have them listed.
Just my 2cents
Best of luck

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Only prob is…with all the injuries plus Byes going on right now…nobody doing much trading. But LOL…I feel better already with your comment that I have strong depth. I thought so too, but just been an atrocious year. Appreciate your feedback more than you know. Thanks a mil buddy!!!


Agree with you on ASJ, Kamara and McKinnon, which is why I have them starting. Haven’t checked the “guys” rankings today tho. Going to do that right now. TY buddy for the reminder. LOL…just getting nuts trying to straighten this MESS out.

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OK…just checked the Ballers WR rankings, and they agree with my starters. SOOOO…LOL. Anyway…again @NoSleeveNation , TY for the reminder. At least I know I’m not just guilty of making stupid decisions this year. LOL
Just been one of those years!!! SMH and LOL

Oh me too. Traded off Hogan at the start and kicked myself ever since. Lost two in a row that his points woulda won me if I kept him instead of who I started. Face palm ever since

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LOL…well…guess what…dummy me dropped Chris Thompson before week 1 to grab Kevin White. Then got nervous and dropped Wentz for Palmer. LOL…on second thought…maybe I HAVE just made stupid decisions this year. SMH…but at least I DO know I’m not the only one…this year seeming to make a lot of people nuts!!!

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@NoSleeveNation OH hell…just realized my last comment may have come across as saying you’ve been as “stupid” as I’ve been in making decisions this year. PLEASE don’t think I meant it that way…I was referring to Fantasy players in general!!!

SMH!!!..Sorry my friend if you took that wrong!!!

Oh no offense taken. Even if you did mean that. Hahahaha. It’s all good

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@NoSleeveNation …LOL…TY for being such a Great sport. That’s what I love about this place. Just full of GREAT people!!! Thank God for “FFBr’s CHAT!!!”

I agree!!! Help me on Defense.
I have Steelers vs Chiefs and I hate it.
Which do I pick up

  1. New England @ Jets
  2. Titans (home) vs Colts?

Well…the FFBr’s say NE out of those two. BUT…is Wash available? They’re looking good from everything I’ve been seeing on lots of projections. But…for the record…funny thing…I’ve had PIT most of season so far. Thought about dropping them for Wash myself this week…(Wash is available even though ATL isn’t…who is projected for #! D/ST this week…BUT…decided against dropping PIT. Their season doesn’t look too bad ROS…soooo…gonna hold on to them and just suck up the D/ST loss this week. LOL

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I figure once I drop PIT I’ll play hell getting 'em back. LOL…and the way my luck’s going so far this year…at this point if I’ve got anything good…I’M NOT ABOUT TO TURN LOOSE OF IT!!! Might be my only chance in hell of pulling this thing out of ending up “face-first” in the mud come P/O’s!!! LOLOL

LOL…like I’m even gonna get to “smell” the lovely scent of the P/O’s!!! BUT…you get my point!!!

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I just dropped Pit defense for Washington. I didn’t even see that they were out there till today. If pit gets picked up I’ll stream another D next week. I have played a different defense every game so far. I always swap them back and fourth playing the matchup.