I've been offered Tyreek for Kupp

This is a full PPR keeper league where we can trade keeper contracts as well - He has offered Tyreek Hill for Kupp and a keeper contract year (someone he would be able to keep at the end of the year). Tyreek is not eligible to be kept. My question is whether the value of Hill for just one season is more than the value of Kupp as a keeper? Cheers.

No Cupp is going to be good for a very long time.

Highly doubtful. Mahomes spreads it around too much to give Hill that singular, truly high end WR1 kind of season outlook. Kupp is better for PPR imo as well, and would be a great, young player with a young QB on a young, really good team to have in a keeper league and carry over with you from year to year. He doesn’t seem like the injury prone type at all either. Tyreek does seem like that to me, as a little guy who depends on speed/violent cuts/agility to be good.