I've got a DOOZY of a situation here

…I’m down to my final flex spot in my 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2FLEX FULL Point league, and I need some help!!! This is all hypothetical in case that Leonard Fournette and Marquise Goodwin DO NOT play. Do I start Dante Pettis since Goodwin is out, do I start Sony Michel and hope he goes OFF in his first game of NFL career, or do I go with Corey Grant in hopes that he builds off his great performance in last years AFC Championship game against the Pats!!! Obviously, if one of those two guys DO play, then the point is moot, because I can pick from there, but what would you all do?! Any info would help greatly! They all play in the afternoon games, so at least I get that help!

Goodwin has been ruled out. Pettis

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Well this should be easy then, because I had not seen they ruled him out yet! Thanks!

Michel would be dependent on burkhead too