I've got SEVEN 2020 1sts

How is this class looking? I blew up one of my dynasty teams & managed to get 7 2020 firsts out of it.

Man what did you trade lol?? But to early to call that class

Crowder, martavis Bryant, Edelman, Doyle, moved back 3 spots from 4 to 7 this yr, barber, ty Montgomery, Blount, Cohen, tyreek hill, Marvin Jones, Hunter Henry, and some misc. 2nds & 3rds.

I’ve still got 1.06, 7 & 8 this yr. Along with a 2019 1st.

I only think I’ll miss tyreek hill & Hunter Henry.


Man you was working .Not bad just got to hit on your rookie picks

I don’t know much about 2020 but I love the 2019 receiver class. If there was any chance to flip a few of those into a potential top three pick in 2019, you’re getting an absolute stud of a receiver.

I’ve heard that too. I’ve looked at a couple of deby mocks and 19 is all WRs, and 2020 almost all backs. Might need to just split the picks up

AJ Brown, Collin Johnson, Ahmmon Richard and Parris Campbell are all monsters. Let alone Marquise Brown (whom could be the best of all of them, but who knows because he had Baker throwing to him) and Deebo from South Carolina. 2019 is loaded with receivers. Especially with how bad this current class is at the position, I’d be jumping all over those picks.