I've traded my way to a pretty sweet team but got an interesting trade offer. Help

There’s our rosters I’m 2-4, he’s 1-5. He’s offering Rodgers and Ertz for Gronk and Chubb. Should I entertain it?

@MikeMeUpp and @falcones404 could I get you guys input?

No. Chubb is basically your 3rd best RB and arguably a better play than Landry in the flex once you see how his volume/role developes. Why give that up when you already have Matt Ryan who is a top QB in his own right and Gronk who I would still rather have than Ertz. He’s still the best TE in football and I’ll die on this hill.

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How the hell are you 2-4???

Absolutely not! U have Ryan don’t need Rodgers and Gronk is always ranked same as Ertz, if not better. They’re trying to poach a super team! Hang in there, that record should change it’s on with that lineup, NO KIDDING HOW R U 2-4

Thanks for the input guys.

I was kind of leaning toward not taking it or offering a counter of Ryan, Allen, Gronk, and Chubb for Rodgers, AB, and Ertz and then trying to flip Landry and something for a better flex piece. My thinking for doing that was I would get AB and Rodgers for an extra week and he would have a week without Allen and Ryan because their byes are next week.

As for being 2-4. It is a long and tumultous story that basically comes down to me trusting Baldwin at the draft and making a very bad start/sit decision, twice. But three weeks ago I traded for Gronk, last week for Landry, and in the last couple of days for Allen, OBJ, and Elliott. This is my first week with this team completely together and I just got Chubb after the Hyde trade was announced.

I think you’re gonna destroy this guy. I’d pass on this trade.

Your team is insane actually haha. You can trade up everywhere, too. With your bench.

I literally only have four guys that were on my team last week and three from my draft. Ha. Made some really good trades and then people in my league dropped everyone on my bench but Sanu this week…

Rodgers is such an a hole too. He looked like such a pissy little brat on Monday. I really don’t like that dude. Lol, as though that’s relevant…but kind of. Idk his attitude is different now. He doesn’t really care enough these days to justify the premium he used to command.

Ha. Yeah. He is definitely a prima Donna these days but gosh damn he is good. I feel like a couple times a game he just leaves me saying “wow.”

Totally. Definitely some of those wow moments on Monday. It’s. Shame for all GBRB’s though. They just will never get enough touches to be true rb1’s even when a jones ought to be.

All started with mike McCarthy calling Eddie lacy too fat. He should look in the mirror…

I hate McCarthy. I’m not a Pack fan but to have Rodgers and only go to one SB is insane. If they had a creative offensive mind like McVay there is no yelling what Rodgers could do.

The guy this thread started about just offered me Ertz for Chubb straight up. Should I consider that, maybe flex Ertz one week or just turn Ertz and a piece into a better flex?

I would take Ertz for Chubb. It’s a gamble for sure, but having a healthy TE1 no matter what will be killer. Plus you have RB1’s already, and could prob grade Gronk or Ertz + someone else for someone even better than Chubb if you ever wanted to. Ertz is incredible and Gronk is worrying to me for ROS purposes.