I've used Fantasy Pros, what's the next level?

I’ve been playing redraft for 2 years now and I’ve only really used a Fantasy Pros subscription for trade offers, rankings, etc. This year I want to jump into more leagues than last year (3), and possibly use something more in depth.

PFF Edge vs UDK 2019, which should I go with?

PFF Edge is really just for people super into digging around the numbers and learning moreso about good players in real life. Doesn’t necessarily transfer over to fantasy football all the time, although often it does if you know what to look for. It’s also pretty expensive and the data isn’t always that easy to digest. I use it personally but mainly cause I’m a numbers geek.

UDK is cool but honestly, i only rely on it for Matt Harmon’s reception perception analysis. That and Graham barfields yards created article is what I rely on most every year to analyze WR and RB prospects. If you can dish out the $, I think PFF has more value add if you can spend the time. But honestly, as a next step, I would just shell out for NFL sunday ticket so you can watch the all 22 film and learn to evaluate talent that way. Lots of other options available for free you can use. Some I use are Fantasy Insiders (snap counts), NFL Next gen stats (air yards, etc.), Player Profiler for advanced metrics and athletic benchmarking. The one other guy I follow is Nick who hosts Big Dogs Gotta Eat (BDGE) fantasy. He puts in the work and gives in depth / quality analysis. IMO higher quality than what is provided by fantasy footballers or the UDK. So I would pick up his draft guide if you are budgeting just for 1.


Props on bringing up the BDGE draft kit from Nick. I forgot all about his videos.
I was still deciding between a few options and then BDGE hit me with an email yesterday about the draft kit discount ending in ~6 hours. Snatched it up immediately. Looking forward to a few W’s this year and all the prep that goes with it man.