J. Allen vs. J. Burrow who to start?

I’m in 4pt QBTD league standard scoring. Who should I start this week? Allen is my usual QB but I need to maximize my point as I have a tough opponent this week. He’s playing Wilson. Stick with Allen against NE or pivot to Burrow against Ten? Thanks

I’m personally playing Burrow, Tyler Boyd, AND Tee Higgins this week against the Titans. Tennessee will slay Cincy’s defense with Henry, AJ Brown, Jonnu, and Tannehill so Burrow and company will need to keep up. The negative game script plus Burrow’s high volume passing opportunity means they’ll be ripe for the picking.

I’m playing Allen for the rushing and TD potential. New England has looked so very badly, getting carved up by even Denver. Singletary and Moss have both looked bad, so Allen is the goal line back again.

I think Allen can put up three TDs plus 50 yards rushing.

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Normally Allen but this week pretty even.

Hate to say it but whoever has the lowest weather concern for me…

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Burrow easy

I think you should play Allen