J brown or cooks

Matchup vr Miami or Atlanta? Trust Goff after the current season? Or the stallion

Brown all the way coming off a bye week as well makes him the obvious choice


If you can’t play cooks now then when can you…especially in a game where it COULD at least be close in the second half as ATL’s offense isn’t terrible. The Bills will run the ball all second half.


Cooks has a big chance here to get back to it, but hard after what’s been seen in LA past 2 weeks, but those were tougher matchups.

Would you roll McLaurin out after seeing what’s happened against SF this season? Mulling over swapping brown for McLaurin and flexing with cooks on wr2

I really Like Brown to show up early and get his coming off the bye… but King Goffrey and all three Rams wideouts should be able to put on a show today.

I’m starting up Brown today myself.

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Would you roll out both over McLaurin vr SF? seems like two great matchups with brown and cooks compared to Terry

I’m keeping Terry on my bench today… as much as I hate to do it, I’m starting Dede instead, that SF DEF is legit.

Oh God what have I done… now I’m thinking I should be loading up Terry regardless of what defense he plays

I’m thinking his chances to go off are pretty small compared to others, but if he can come thru today, I’ll be crazy confident in him moving forward, SF has just been crushing on def

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Kinda what I’ve been thinking.