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J. Brown or ingram


10 team standard
Looking for the high upside flex play here who do you think has the better game?


If you are looking for the highest floor than go with Brown but if you need a home run then I would say Ingram is the riskier but higher ceiling play.


Alright that’s sound advice. I’m going up against the other highest scoring team. And this is my lineup. Would you play brown or ingram.

Qb big ben
Rb Conner
Rb breida
Wr thomas
Wr boyd
Te McDonald
Flx ingram/brown


Funny, I would’ve said the exact opposite of this. I think Ingram has higher floor going up vs washington’s piss poor run D at home as heavy favorites and brown has the higher ceiling and higher risk play as the lone deep threat on a ravens passing attack. last week, he very realistically could have had 200 yards and 2 TD+ but a couple long bombs didn’t connect/were dropped.


But would you be able to confidently plug Ingram into you lineup coming off a suspension not knowing how hes going to be used


look at last year, ingram should give another dimension to the offense as more of a power runner than Kamara. both were involved in the passing game, and both were RB1’s at the end of last season


Oh I completely understand that. I’m just concerned with it being his first game back is he really just gunna jump right into the lineup and produce like he was never suspended


I think the only people happier then Ingram owners that his suspension ended are the Saints Defense :joy:


LOL, there is no guarantee, and perhaps it is too speculative, I just really like both RB’s from the Saints. It’s a Monday night game, lots of hype.

I like John Brown’s potential, and he’s been proving his worth in fantasy and in real life lately. I really like him and he’s a known commodity. I think perhaps the prudent thing to do would be to play Brown and see where you stand for another week with Ingram. You’ve waited 4 weeks already for Ingram, why not wait another 2 (this week to see where you stand, and then his bye on week 6). And who knows? Maybe with all the Ingram hype, maybe you can sell high and flip him for something else to aide your team.


Ingram was in camp and also preseason and met them at the airport after last game. I would roll with Ingram. He is ready and stoked. If PPR for sure. Mainly a runner but a good pass catcher.


Thanks all for all the advice. @Both_Barrels_Blazing you are right about waiting maybe I’m just being too cautious coming off a loss last week.


I was listening to some analysis earlier in the week just commenting on how Alvin Kamara is getting run ragged which I don’t think is the Saints intention. So even if Mark Ingram is a little rusty they might just utilize him to keep Kamara fresh and more explosive


Absolutely right that’s exactly how they want to use Ingram. Thank you all again for helping me gain confidence in Ingram once again