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J. Conner over Barkley


Barkley doesn’t have the best matchup this week vs Carolina… Would you start Conner over him? Or stick to my stud


Easy, you go Tried and True with the consistent RB - that would be two thumbs up for Barkley. Not sure why you wouldn’t be playing them both… but Barkley fo sho


I have Zeke and Barkley (: but yea just because Conner has such a good matchup


gotta stick with barkley. but if you can fit conner in elsewhere, he is primed for a big game in an easy matchup. i’d say one of the best matchups i can imagine for any starting rb this week.


Who are you flexing? I’d love Conner in my flex with those two studs.


Starting both. Sitting Michel and Mixon so hopefully both have huge games especially since opponent has 53 points already


It’s a no flex league… 3 WRs


Go Barkley. I love Conner’s matchup this week, but I’ll still take the big play ability from Barkley. He proved week 1 that he just needs 1 play to make his fantasy day relevant.


Honestly I’d probably start Conner and Barkley as ridic as that sounds. The matchups dictate that decision, and based on rb performance vs these defenses, that’s the duo that in theory maximizes your upside.


You would sit Zeke for Conner? I don’t have a flex in this league… And currently my 2 starting RBs are Zeke and Barkley