J Howard/Golloday for Evans/Auden Tate

I have:

Melvin Gordon
David Johnson
James White
Jordan Howard
Chase Edmonds
Royce Freeman

K Golloday
Mike Williams

PPR format

trade away: Jordan Howard/Kenny Golloday
Receive: Mike Evans/Auden Tate

What do you think? Concerns about Evans?

Is he sold on Kenny or can you negotiate JuJu in for him? Try to sell him on Howard’s strength of schedule late

I might be able to sell him on Juju. It’s hard to sell his talent away but he is on his 3rd string QB.

If he wouldn’t take Juju, would you do it or do you think Evans is too risky?

I would because of the potential but id have to close my eyes while clicking accept. Having Juju and Evans can either be beautiful or it can be a complete disaster. Like you said, relying on a 3rd string UFA QB is a huge risk. As is ever trusting Jameis consistently (I say that as a not so proud Jameis owner yet again)