J. Hurts or K. Murray

This one’s for all the chips boys!!! I don’t think I can go wrong with either choice, but I need the foot clan to help me pick the BEST choice so I can absolutely demolish my opponent and bring home all the bacon. So who do I start?

Kyler Murray vs. San Fran 49ers
Jalen Hurts @ Dallas Cowboys

Do I take Kyler Murray at their home game vs 49ers who seems to have an on/off defense or do I ride the hot hand and start Jalen Hurts who will be taking on the depleted Cowboy’s defense but at their stadium?

Thanks everyone!

Who does your opponent have? Do you need a high floor or high ceiling?

I’m struggling with whether or not to start Mahomes. Will they rest him or not?

Here’s his current lineup. Cam Akers is out, and Zeke hasn’t been the same since Dak got injured, so things are looking better than expected. I also have waiver claims for all the RB’s on waivers. I just really want to ensure my chances of success are as high as possible

I am in the same situation and I’m leaning towards the guy that got me to the championship which is Kyler Murray. I think either QB is good play but Hurts does have the higher play if you need a big performance.

Good luck!!

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Same boat.

I picked him and Baker as a COVID insurance

So, I have Murray, Hurts, and Baker
Murray is Penciled in…

they will not rest Mahomes. They will have no way of knowing ahead of time enough.